About Me

Hello everyone, I am Masum Khan, a photographer from Bangladesh. I started photography in 2007. Since then, I have experienced a lot of things through my Photography journey. At the very beginning, photography was my way of meeting new people, experience new culture. Now, it’s more than that. After traveling almost a decade my thoughts are surprisingly changed and evolve over and over, and I know this process will never stop for me.  To me, Photography is the silent but too much powerful medium where I can express my thought, my inspiration, the way I see the world and also most importantly I can express myself. Photography is like meditation for me. As I am too much attracted by the surreal beauty of Human spirit and Nature, I have tried to capture myself through the world around me.

I grew up in a middle socio economy class in Bangladesh, Where I have witnessed lots of ups and downs of life and surviving, which impact me not only emotionally, but also in a lifetime experience for keep the journey alive, no matter how. When I look over my viewfinder, I find myself in the frame. I feel how the world connected to me or in other way. This gravity of emotion keeps me alive in this amazing journey of photography.

Therefore, the purpose of creating and running this blog is to share my journey, my thoughts, my experiences and my love of photography. I will share my inspiration, my tips, and my experiences. I am certainly not a great photographer. Still I learn many things from Master Photographers and even newbies and that will go on till my journey ends. I will share those learning also in my way, may be with a cup of tea perhaps.

Photography is a life long journey. In this blog you will see my journey of photography. You can also share your thoughts. Let’s have a great hangout and make it an open platform with me.

If you have any suggestions or query, feel free to contact with me at mdmasumkhan@gmail.com.

Cheers 🙂