Véronique, An amazing street photographer from France. I meet with Véronique at flickr and I saw the works very appealing, sometimes nostalgic and even I can feel the silence with the chaos. Véronique creates a unique eye of seeing the world and shades of life in details which attract me most. Her way of expressing the emotion through contrast, can easily touch the soul. She shows us a unique style in her photograph that surely admirable.

Although she is not a celebrity type person, I somehow manage to reach her and get some of thoughts on her journey of photography. All images used in this page are copyrighted by “Véronique”. So, Here we go:

Masum: Tell us something about yourself.

Véronique: I have practiced argentic photography for some time in my early years and, after a very long break due to my professional activity, I have been passionate about digital photography.

Masum: When did you start taking photos and what drives you to become a Photographer?

Véronique: Totally self-taught, I practice this art in a very intuitive way, with an intense desire for discoveries.

Masum: What motivates you to keep your photography journey continued for these years?

Véronique: Interested in many aspects in photography, I particularly focused on urban photography, and in urbex photography to discover the life as it was before…

Masum: Share some experiences from your journey of Photography.

Véronique: If I had to remake my life as a photographer, I think, I would be a war photographer or try to show humanitarian disasters.  

Masum: It seems you like ‘High Contrast’ and so many ‘Details’ in your photograph. Why is that?

Véronique: Probably a little nostalgic for my film laboratory, I like particularly monochrome processing.

Masum: Did you achieve any award in photography? Mention the name if you got any.

Véronique: I have participated in some exhibitions in the France.

Masum: Thinking about awards? Is that inspire the photographers to take better photos? Or it just for becoming a famous person?

Véronique: I have been doing more “seriously” photography for a short time and am not interested in prizes or awards. I just try sharing my photos at my low n little level. I am not looking for any celebrity but prices and awards (when the juries are serious) can help photographers to realize themselves in their work.

Masum: In the street what are you looking for? What is the key of your photography?

Véronique: I like discovering the human life and showing the world as I feel it through my images.  Whenever possible, I try to create a connection with the people I photograph and not offend them. In the street, I seek only to show life as it is, and especially loneliness in a crowd where no one sees others around, people working, walking, playing…

Masum: Most of your photographs are black and white. Why not color? How do you decide between color and B&W?

Véronique: I appreciate when the image reflects reality as much as possible, and that motivates my approach to the details, but I generally remain more emotive to a monochrome image. Photography in b&w leaves enough place for imagination but sometimes I find the right atmosphere of the scene I am shooted better with colors than in b&w

Masum: Which photographers work inspires you most?

Véronique: I admire many photographers but if I had to choose a few, I would say Koudelka, Salgado, Reza, Cartier Bresson, Doisneau … and  some who we can follow on flickr…

Masum: There are many photographers who give more priority on gear (camera/lenses) instead of the pictures. What do you think about it?

Véronique: The scene, the feeling at the moment of shoot are probably the most important to get a good picture. The gear certainly holds an important place in the final result but we can obtain good images with a medium quality gear and we can make bad pictures with very good camera and lenses!!

Masum: What is story telling means to you and how do you tell stories with your photographs?

Véronique: All images tell a story, especially photo documentary. The photo is successful if it brings an emotion or a feeling to one person …

Masum: Last but not the least, what is your advice to young photographers?

Véronique: The only advice I could give to a novice photographer is to shoot, shoot and shoot…


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