Before I jump to my Street Photography Tips Series #1, I would like to tell you about Street Photography title. So, What is Street Photography? I know this is not the topic of this article but, so many photographers still asked me to know my point of view about street photography. For those, I think I should tell something. Well, there are lots of articles, forum thread, discussion, debate out there in the web. You can surf them, grab them but I will not bring you those long theory and discussion, instead I am going to share my thoughts which are surprisingly changed over years. So, what is Street Photography in my opinion? The answer is quite simple.

What is Street Photography ?

If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it’s a street photography –Bruce Gilden

I think with this quotes Bruce Gilden told everything I feel about street photography. Now, the question is how do we smell the dusty, crowdie street? Think! That’s the core of street photography, in a public place where tons of happening around you every bit of second. You can shoot whatever you want, it could be candid moment or posed shoot. You will definitely smell the street by looking at the photo.

Also, there are so many debate, discussions on street photography about candid vs. posed, private vs. public, indoor vs. outdoor. I wish to write my opinion regarding those facts also, but, in this article, I think, I should get back to my Street Photography Tips Series. I will write another blog on those topics later on. So, let’s jump to my first tips:

Street Photography Tips #1

Buy a small camera, and try to carry it every time with you....

Remember, every time is perfect for taking street photos… Great moments are happening everywhere, every time around you. Sometimes it’s too hard to carry a big camera all the times you move around. There are many famous street photographer use small light great like compact or even iPhone in the street all the times. For inspirational you can check out the works of Misho Baranovic‘s street shot by iPhone. You should try to focus at the moment you capture, not in the gear you have. End of the day, the moment you captured is matter, not the equipments.

The first rule of being a street photographer is to always have your camera with you...

Being a corporate personnel, I can realize that it’s too hard to go out and shot full day. Sometimes I plan for weekend but unexpected events popped up and ruin my plan. Therefore, if you want to shot street, you have to take every single opportunity you have. Carrying a small, light camera every time can give that opportunity. You can carry your camera in your car, your office, anywhere you want. There is a great street photographer Lee Friedlander. He always carries his camera in his car and used his car’s window frame as a natural frame. You can watch his very inspirational project done from inside his car: America by Car and I got so inspired by seeing his works and his perspective. Watching and analyzing great photos of great photographers will help you to improve your seeing in depth the moment’s around you.


If you have the passion for street photography, you can’t resist yourself without taking photos. But, it’s hard to find the extra time when you are busy. So, my suggestion always try to carry a small camera with you every time. Shot anywhere and always searching for a different perspective.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have more suggestions, tips you want to share, please don’t hesitate to comment below. Happy Clicking… 🙂